Think Tank

Reserve our private conference room for meetings, book clubs, brainstorming sessions, etc.

We offer a 4 person meeting room that is free to use for 2 or more people.  To use the room, simply make a reservation for the room using the button below.  As a courtesy to others, we request that you keep your meetings limited to 90 minutes or less.  If you are in the store and the room seems available, please check openings and reserve it before entering on a whim.  (Our employees can help you with this.)


Most importantly: We hope you explore something new or some different in this room! If you create the next big idea in the Think Tank (like Paypal or Uber), then write to us from your new house in Fiji!




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Across from Mayfaire in the Forum

1127 Military Cutoff Rd, Suite C

Wilmington, NC 28405


Hours:  7am-8pm M-Sat. 9am-8pm Sun

Phone: (910) 765-9001


(910) 765-9001



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