At Tama Tea, water means everything to us.  We are an ocean loving, coastal based company, with beverages that depend on access to safe and clean water.  However, in parts of the world, women and children have to walk miles just to collect unclean water, and waterborne illnesses are the leading cause of preventable children deaths.


We believe that change must come from the ground up so we've created a WATER Initiative to tackle these tough problems. Short for: Water Access To Everyone Readily - our mission is to provide access to clean water to our global community.  At this time, we have partnered with Thirst Project, the largest youth water organization that is working to tackle the world water crisis in Swaziland, Africa.


So fuel your passion, grab your morning tea and feel good about your purchase.  Your support of Tama Tea means we, as a global community, are one step closer to a world where everyone can enjoy clean drinking water.


Our Mission

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